Service Bureau also enjoys a unique distinction in regard to our services. Service Bureau was founded in 1997 to provide specialized, third party collection services to the medical industry. However, as a result of our developing a reputation for being able to achieve outstanding recovery results while simultaneously providing outstanding client service spread throughout the business community, we were asked by local businesses to add banking and rental housing as industries we served with our collection services. And even though we have specialized in these three primary industries and developed an expertise specific to the unique aspects of these industries, Service Bureau has always remained willing to assist small companies with their unique collection needs. This is very unique in the collection industry, because serving small or one-time clients typically results in very little, if any, profit for a collection agency. However, at Service Bureau we view smaller collection opportunities with a different perspective.

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers 2007 economic study, the collection industry recovered $40.4 billion dollars for U.S. creditors. And had businesses been forced to charge higher prices in the absence of this $40.4 billion of debt that was recovered, it would have cost the average household $354; which is the equivalent of approximately 8 months of cellular phone service, 86 days of electricity, or 127 gallons of gasoline. In addition, the survey noted this debt recovery helped businesses reduce the risk of insolvency and bankruptcy, which in turn helped preserve an untold number of U.S. jobs. And because of the trickle-down economic impact debt recovery has for an entire business community, Service Bureau believes even small and unique collection needs play a very important role in the overall economy. Therefore, our philosophy is that sacrificing profits to help a small business with their debt recovery is sometimes necessary, because doing so is a much greater service toward supporting the stability of the economy as a whole.